The Members of the ID Group base their political project on the upholding of freedom, sovereignty, subsidiarity and the identity of the European peoples and nations. They acknowledge the Greek-Roman and Christian heritage as the pillars of European civilisation.

They advocate voluntary cooperation between sovereign European nations, and therefore reject any further evolution toward a European superstate. The Members of the ID Group acknowledge that the nation state is the highest possible level in which democracy can fully function. They oppose any new transfer of power from the nations to the EU.

Inspired by the idea of a Europe of cooperation, the new alliance and its Members are conscious of the need to deeply reform the existing EU in a way to strengthen the principles of subsidiarity and democracy, to introduce direct democracy, as well as to implement more transparency and accountability in the decision-making process.

The ID Group aims to safeguard the identity of the citizens and nations in Europe. The right to control, regulate and limit immigration is a fundamental principle shared by the Members of the Group. So is their willingness to fight for a safer Europe with well-protected external borders and a stronger cooperation to tackle terrorism and islamisation. The Members unequivocally oppose the possible accession of Turkey.

The Members of the Group are strongly committed to the defence of the rule of law and individual freedom, with a particular emphasis on the protection of freedom of speech. They reject any past or present affiliation, connection or sympathy to any authoritarian or totalitarian project. They are not interested to revive disputes related to the past, but are instead fully focussed on the present and the future of Europe.

Priorities of the Group for the 2019-2024 term

  • Member States have the right to take back parts of the sovereignty they lost to the EU. No new competences should be transferred to the EU. The Group will oppose any extension of policy areas where the Member States’ veto right would no longer apply.
  • A better protection of the EU’s external borders is needed. Every nation has the right to protect, control and supervise its own borders. The EU should focus more on the effective returning of illegal and criminal immigrants to their countries of origin.
  • European civilisation, its Christian heritage and national identities should be protected and embraced. The negotiations on the accession of Turkey, which is not a European country, must be put to an end.
  • The Group is opposed to any attempt to impose a eurozone budget and direct EU taxes.